Destination Dare | Episode 59

This month, we’re bringing you new stories from celebrating 150 years of history in Dare County, to a walk through the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve. The episode is full of great information regardless of if you’re a resident of Dare, or just a visitor.

First up, we talk about what 150 years has brought to the county. There’s so much fascinating history to explore, and we had tons of fun learning about each topic covered in the video.


Next, the town of Nags Head will help us understand how recycling around the world effects our local community. Cliff Ogborn (Town Manager) explains the town’s plans for the future of recycling.


Southern Shores has begun construction for their new pathway on South Dogwood. This pathway will complete the loop, creating a safer place for the community to explore the neighborhood. Find out more in the next video.


This month, Kill Devil Hills highlights the many projects going on in the town. New beach bathrooms, new roads, the infamous water tower, and more! You can check out more information about these projects by watching the video below.


Take a peaceful break by taking a walk through the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve. With a variety of multi-use paths and activities, this is a great way to get some fresh air. Jason Brown explains what makes these paths special, and how Dare County is lucky to have such a diverse forest.


Lastly, learn more about Duck’s land use plan. The plan was last updated in 2005, and since then, lots has changed in the town. This new plan considers new developments, rising sea levels, and community development through the next ten years.


Watch the full Destination Dare episode, here:


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