Receive a disc or drive with your old films, digitally archived and ready to use with today’s modern technology.

Baldwin Video Productions’ video conversion service takes your old analog videos and converts them into digital files. We all have old home videos stored in outdated video formats. What if you could watch old memories on the devices you use most?

Your memories are aging, dying in your closet. It’s time to preserve and digitize your film to enjoy for years to come. We use the latest technology to preserve the audio and visual elements of your videos. Enjoy watching family videos, recorded VHS tapes, and more in their original quality.

Unlike other popular conversion services, there’s no need to ship off your home videos or film. Each tape or reel costs $20 to convert.  Drop off your tapes at our Outer Banks location and we’ll return to you the finest quality dubs of your memories.

Formats We Transfer

Our video transfer service covers most antiquated video formats. We digitize your videos, compress, and convert them to digital copies on a thumb drive. Common video files we capture include

  • VHS tapes
  • Mini-dv tapes
  • Hi-8 and 8 tapes
  • Super 8 reels
  • 8mm reels

Don’t see the video format you’re looking to convert? Contact us to find out what formats we can transfer.